The Simulation Certification Program fosters excellence in nursing education in Canada through faculty development in simulation-based pedagogy, practices, and technologies. The program prepares nurse educators to address a broad complement of practice learning needs and the full range of simulation typologies.


The Simulation Certification Program encompasses four modules, each offered once per calendar year. Although the given sequence is recommended, modules may be taken in any order and over the course of two years. Every module culminates in a submitted assignment and a multiple-choice exam. Upon successful completion of all four modules, participants will be prepared to write the national certification exam to achieve the Canadian Certified Simulation Nurse Educator (CCSNE) designation.


Module 3 focuses on the indicators of competency 4, which examines the knowledge and skills related to the use of simulation in interprofessional education and on collaboration with other health professionals in providing simulation-based experiences to interprofessional groups of learners. More…


Audience: Nurse educators using simulation in nursing education programs


Cost: $500

Simulation Certification Program, Module 3: Interprofessional Education

  • September 4 - October 16, 2018
  • Online/En ligne (Adobe Connect & Moodle)